At the municipality of Gargaliani, except of the city of Gargaliani there are the villages  Mouzaki, Pirgos, Floka, Marathos, Valta and Lefki.

In Pylos' Nestorian Kingdom an area at the north, part of the Messinian land, that was lying from the bottom of Gargaliani hills until the Ionian sea cost line, surrounded by the city highlands reaching the mountain of Agia, constituted an endless green area that was always full of wild Olive trees, no one yet knows if these were self germinated or positioned by God!!

The selection of the trees was led by nature. Some 'fruits' were really delicate but special flavored; those were called 'vatsiko'. Vaccination begun from the mainland and continued in the highlands, the miracle was there, Koroneiki variety was born, 3.000 years ago!!